Where to buy quality pre-owned vehicles?

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Where to buy quality pre-owned vehicles?

Buying a brand new car is not possible for every individual as it comes with a heavy price and premium. Therefore, car dealers are interested in purchasing vehicles that are already owned by someone. The quality of a used car depends upon its age after it hits the road, mileage and condition. A pre-owned car can either be a very old and poorly maintained vehicle with average mileage, or a relatively new car with good mileage and excellent maintenance. The quality pre-owned vehicles are used cars which are maintained like new ones; they are sometimes referred to as certified pre-owned vehicles or CPO vehicles.

A car loses up to 20 per cent of its value after every year since its purchase. This can prove to be quite a depreciation considering the original price of the car. There is a difference between used vehicles and CPO vehicles. Used vehicles are certified only after going through rigorous quality checks.

These are the quality parameters that a used car has to go through before becoming a CPO vehicle:

Maintenance records

Maintenance records consist of a car’s service history, age and mileage. A thorough checking is done to ensure that the vehicle was serviced at the specified periods that was stipulated by the car company. If some services are skipped, or done irregularly, then it fails to be a certified pre-owned car.

Wheel structure

The wear and tear of the tyres are monitored carefully at this stage. Care is taken to verify that the wheels are responsive to the axle, rotors, and brake assembly.

Condition & finish

It includes careful evaluation of a car’s body, paint, finishing, condition of car seats and interiors. A car mechanic checks if the doors lock easily and securely. The condition of the bumper and bonnet is also inspected minutely. All of these play an important role as a car that is maintained well, looks good, and is sparkling.

Operational quality

Operational quality is determined by examining the functions of seat belts, steering, locks, exhaust unit and much more. A car expert checks if the airbags open up or not, during emergencies and abrupt failures. The performance of a car’s engine is verified under different temperatures and humidity. It also includes monitoring of car batteries and the fuel tanks are ensured to be leak proof too.

Test drive

After completing all these checks and tests, a vehicle is considered to be good enough for a test drive which determines its actual performance. Features such as car horns, audio system, air ventilation system, etc. are checked during this test drive. A car expert gets to know about the smoothness during gear shifts, car’s breaks, engine quality, etc. while he is driving the car. Also, he is able to determine the actual mileage and performance of the vehicle.

Cars that clear all these quality checks and tests are certified to be quality pre-owned vehicles. A sensible vehicle purchaser will evaluate all these factors and buy those cars which have a perfect balance of quality, price, and mileage.

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