Tyre Maintenance of Your Car

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Tyre Maintenance of Your Car

Your car runs on tyres and although there are other components that help in its proper functioning tyres have a significant part to play too. If they are in perfect condition and accurately inflated your car will be stable and easy to handle. However, if they are over or under inflated or worn out then it gets difficult to control your ride in accidental situations. Neglecting tyre health can lead to unpleasant situations. So, here are some important tyre maintenance tips that will keep you safe while driving:

Tyre Pressure

When tyres are not inflated properly fuel consumption of the car increases. It also causes fast wear and tears thereby making it out of control when needed to be controlled in situations of emergency. A car will usually lose 1 psi each month. Car manuals always recommend the right air pressure for your car’s tyres. The monthly check-up will help in keeping them perfect.

Tyre Rotation

Wear and tear do happen in tyres but when it is uneven it may cause a problem. The front portion of a car is heavier compared to the rear and thus wears out sooner than the rear ones. Occasional rotation helps in extending their life. There are four different rotations – straight rotation, four wheel drive, cross rotation and five tyre rotation Every manufacturer advises a different number of miles but it is usually between 5,000 miles to 7,000 miles.

Wheel Alignment and wheel balancing

Setting the alignment of the wheels and axles help in increasing the life of tyres, saves fuel and makes it more manageable. Wheel balancing corrects unbalanced wheels by adding balance weights according to the requirement. When the balance of wheels is not proper may cause them to wobble and work inefficiently.

Tyre Tread Depth

The tread in a tyre is what touches the ground. The treads are designed with grooves which help in channeling the water away from tire. The tread depth should be adequate for your tyres to function smoothly. Tread wear indicator bars help in reading the tread depth. When the level of the treads is diminished then it means you need to replace them.


Before leaving for a long road trip ensure you have visited a trusted car specialist to have a thorough check of your car including its tyres. Driving style of an individual, the condition of the road, climate etc. all has an impact on the tyres. They wear and tear with time and finally, there comes a time when they need to be replaced. When the minimum tread depth is reached you should change the old tyres for new ones. Once the tyres reach their replacement age they begin to give problems. When the treads are flushed out the tyre loses its ability to grip it becomes problematic to control, stop, turn or corner a car.

Regular check-ups of the tyres can help you maintain the health of your car and gives it longevity. You can visit us for all types of car services check it out on our website.  


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