Types of Trucks and Its Uses

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Types of Trucks and Its Uses

In today’s modern world, commercial vehicles are highly used all around the world. It is used for various purposes like personal and business related work. The commercial vehicles can be easily identified by all because it is only used to carry the goods and transport materials from one place to another.

Normally, the commercial vehicle is mainly designed to carry the goods and materials so three or four passengers are only able to sit in this vehicle. This feature introduces a variety of commercial vehicles in a different model.

Different types of commercial vehicle:

A van is considered as the well-known example for commercial vehicles and beyond, but by using the van, variants of vans and van-like vehicles are used simultaneously to generate a commercial vehicle segment for automobiles. Let see the different types of commercial vehicles used in different countries.

Panel van:

The panel van is considered as the most usual type of commercial vehicle. Most of the drivers also give high preference to the panel van. Because it is easy to drive even though while carrying the large size load. The panel vans do not have visual glasses or back windows but the side mirrors are made largely to compensate.


A double-cab-in van is mostly similar to the panel van, but some of the modifications has been occurred. While compared with the panel van, the double-cab-in van contains the number of seats, which is behind the front seat and the windows are attached next to the rear seats. All around visibility is highly improved but it has less cargo space.

At least a few passengers can able to travel in this commercial vehicle regularly when compared with the panel van.

 Pick-up truck:

Sometimes the pick-up truck can be often used as family transport. It is considered as light commercial vehicles. Due to the large open loading areas at the back end, it is popularly used in various countries. The long and tall items can be easily carried by using the pick-up truck. This truck can be available in two different models. One is designed with just two seats and another one is a double cab, five members can be able to sit. The pick-up truck price is more effective when compared with others.

Dropside van:

The Dropside vans have large and open loading bays at the rear end, which is similar to the pick-up truck. The manufacturing process of the Dropside van is completely based on the existing model of commercial vehicles. The opening panels of pick-up trucks are at the rear but the Dropside vans have a side panel.

Chassis Cab:

The chassis cab is considered as the commercial vehicles having one or two seat row for the passengers. If you want to carry the extra transporting goods, you can able to install some of the specific equipment for the truck chassis cab.

Tipper van:

The tipper van contains a two or three seated vehicles similar to the drop side van having a large, open loading bay. The hydraulic ram is installed in the tipper model, so you can able to tilt the van.

These are all the different types of commercial vehicles used to the carry the various goods and materials.

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