Top reasons why Tesla Limo is a great choice for luxury travel

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Top reasons why Tesla Limo is a great choice for luxury travel

Safety along with great technology is what the Tesla carmaker believes in. Everyone wants a smooth and comfortable ride. Thus, to make your journey memorable, Limo Service Toronto advise you to go with Tesla Limo. It is a mixture of luxury and the environment. You can find sustainability and comfort while travelling in Tesla Limo. It is a wonderful expression of luxury and power.

Let us check out why it is the most preferred choice for luxury travel:

  1. Zero Emission Vehicles

You must have heard a lot about sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emission. To make it possible, Tesla Limo has zero emissions. It uses electric power which is more efficient in comparison to automobile engines. Limo Service Toronto provides you this eco-friendly car which is equipped with great amenities. It includes a multimedia sound system, Wi-Fi, air suspension, cooling as well as heating system and many more features. It provides an ultimate feel of business class travel.

  1. Passenger-friendly

It consists of air suspension which levels the vehicle automatically. This means it can easily accommodate a good number of passenger and luggage. Using Quicksilver driver comfort level is maintained.  Limo service Toronto wants to meet each passenger need. Thus, Tesla Limo even helps in keeping the ride smooth. It reduces the wind drag and manages the speed of the car. All you get is a great luxury experience.

  1. High Ranking

Tesla Limo is the world’s best electric luxury vehicle. It helps in making you reach your destination faster with zero carbon emission. It is the best luxury chauffeured vehicle which has several awards in its kitty. Many prestigious automotive magazines have rated it as the car of the year.

  1. Best rating in terms of safety

When people opt for Limo service Toronto, they consider safety the most. This is a major requirement when travelling with children. Tesla Limo is defined as the safest car on the road. It has also got a 5-star Safety rating.  It is designed in such a way that constantly city traffic gets monitored. Forward-looking camera, as well as 360 degrees sonar sensors, help in maintaining safety. Your trip is definitely safe with Tesla Limo as drivers get a notification in case of danger.

  1. Enough storage

Tesla Limo has amazing storage feature which is present at the front trunk known as ‘frunk’. This is the engine area but as it’s an electric car, this space is free. You can accommodate several suitcases, boxes, carry-on bags, and even child stroller. It has 50% more storage in comparison to previous versions.

Just like the iPhone, Tesla Limo gives you a great luxurious experience. So you must go for it while travelling for some major events.

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