Tips And Hacks For New Car Maintenance

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Tips And Hacks For New Car Maintenance

Lots of car owners spend more time in the service department for car repairs than is necessary. A few maintenance tips and hacks will keep new Jeeps Bloomington running smoothly from the day it’s driven off the lot. These are common sense do it yourself tips and hacks that will keep all cars right on track.

Many people think that since the car is new, it doesn’t need maintenance. What they don’t know is that driving methods, sudden stops, tire pressure, and a dozen other things develop into maintenance problems. Let’s begin our list of tips and hacks with these.

Keep It Steady

For the first hours following the car driving off the lot, keep acceleration nice and steady. Drive the car at the recommended 55 or whatever the manufacturer recommends. Any more than this, and the engine won’t be broken in properly. It will need maintenance way before it should.

Nurturing The Engine

Racing the engine upon starting isn’t necessary. Idling the car, especially in the cold, isn’t good for the engine. The peak temperature isn’t reached, which means sketchy fuel combustion, or oil doesn’t circulate properly, resulting in maintenance problems.

Lighten Up

Drivers with cute key chains holding dozens of keys are damaging their ignition switch. The weight of all those keys damages the tumblers inside the ignition. Lighten up that key ring with only the car keys. Use a separate key chain for other keys.

Cleanliness Is Next To, Well, A Clean Car

Drivers who wash their engine compartment when they wash their car are saving their service personnel a ton of headaches. They won’t have oil all over their uniforms, either. Keeping the engine washed down also keeps it performing better and running cooler.

De-Ice A Lock

Those sample bottles of hand sanitizer found in pharmacy and grocery store buckets are handy for de-icing car locks. Squirt some into the lock as well as rubbing some along the key. The alcohol in the sanitizer will melt the ice.

The Quicker Emergency Fix Upper

Did you know that nail polish and car paint are so similar that you can’t tell them apart? When you have a ding or a scratch, grab some nail polish and cover it up until you can get it to the service department. Clear nail polish works well on windows, or  on a scratch if you can’t find a shade to match your car paint.

Where Did It Go?

Keeping a tight eye on tire pressure saves many things on new Jeeps Bloomington. Keeping the cap on the valve does, too. Dirt and debris get into the valves, resulting in leaky valves. When getting new tires, ask for new valves and caps as well.



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