The right way to choose a second-hand car

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The right way to choose a second-hand car

Buying a second-hand car can be as easy as eating a steak if you do it the right way. Going through a proper procedure will ensure you get the best deal and enjoy the benefits from it. The best and safest way to buy a used car in New South Wales or any other part of Australia is to hire an agency for a nominal fee to carry out the PPSR Search online for that particular vehicle. This is a comprehensive validation procedure that gives all the details of the car, including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Is the PPSR search really useful?

To buy a second-hand car, the report will tell you whether the seller is the owner or authorized dealer. To generate the report you will have to give the agency the VIN, which you have to obtain from the seller. If the seller does not give either the VIN, chassis number, or the manufacturer’s serial number, the revs check NSW report and the PPSR report cannot be generated online. The seller’s hesitation will imply that it is probably a stolen car being sold online and you can look for other options. Thus, you have saved yourself a lot of money and distress.

Besides the validation of ownership, the other major benefit of the PPSR search is that it validates or disproves the claims of the seller on matters like:

  • The date of manufacture and age of the vehicle,
  • The mileage, speed, and other technical specifications of the vehicle,
  • Ownership details,
  • Write-offs,
  • Accident status,
  • Encumbrance**,
  • History of service and repairs, and more.

**A vehicle is said to be encumbered, when there certain restrictions on its sale because:

  1. A loan taken while buying the vehicle is still not been paid fully,
  2. When it has been used as a collateral against another loan, not necessarily during the purchase of the car.

The term PPSR stands for Australia’s Personal Property Security Register. It is a digital register that has to be consulted whenever you want to buy movable or immovable property including houses, artworks, land, livestock, and motor vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, trailers, caravans, etc.

It is a reliable way to authenticate the ownership and claims of a seller of goods and property in NSW and other parts of Australia. Getting PPSR search done will ensure that you are not sold a stolen car, which will then be repossessed. The PPSR search report will clearly indicate if the car is encumbered. This search and the Revs Check in New South Wales can also be undertaken for other types of vehicles like caravans, trailers, boats, motorcycles, etc.

Use the best services in revs checking and PPSR searching to safeguard yourself from fraudulent dealers. The agencies charge a very nominal fee. Yet, the online search and the report will be comprehensive. It will give you all the details of goods and property in Australia to protect your interests as a buyer. The seller will also benefit because of the deal will be smooth and easy.

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