Should you get Paint Protection Film for your car? Check here!

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Should you get Paint Protection Film for your car? Check here!

Paint Protection Film, also known as clear bra for cars, is basically a protective film that helps in reducing and preventing damage to the exteriors. Besides cars, PPF can be used for all kinds of other vehicles, including bikes and off-loaders. Below is a quick look at the advantages of using Paint Protection Film for your car along with other details.

Pros at a glance

Paint Protection Film offers a glossy look for your car, and it almost stays the same, unless you want to replace the same. The paint of your car is not damaged, so there’s no effect on the resale price, as far as exteriors are concerned. Secondly, you don’t have to spend on expensive repainting jobs. Paint Protection Film is known to be durable, and you don’t have to spend on any extra maintenance. Regular washing and cleaning can be done as usual. PPF is great for protecting your car from debris, including bugs, salt, pebbles and sand. It also protects against damage caused by UV rays of the sun. Your car will look at all times, and some of the better services like ProShield offer lifetime warranty on Paint Protection Film.

Other things to know

If the right film is used, you don’t have to bother much while giving the car for an automatic wash. The film will move, and in case you want to remove the same, just use some hot water or a heat gun. The best idea is to find a service that can get the PPF on, and as required, they will remove it for you. All damages to the car will be covered. The best Paint Protection Films retain the shine and wouldn’t turn yellow as many would expect. Also, some services offer an extra overcoat, which further enhances the final look of the car. Unlike what it may seem, Paint Protection Film will not affect the overall look or color of thee car. It is meant to protect the actual color and paint and wouldn’t alter it.

Before you get PPF for your car, check with the selected service to know the kind of warranty they offer. The company should be able to offer an idea of how the car would look with Paint Protection Film. Also, do check the costs, although it is best to hire a reliable service, even if that costs a tad more. Eventually, you will save considerable money in the long run.

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