Planning to Import Car from USA To Canada?

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Planning to Import Car from USA To Canada?

If you ask me whether one should import any car from USA to Canada then the answer would be ‘No’, as it is pretty expensive to follow the procedures of the two governments and also pay for the brokers, if you do not want to handle the import follow up by yourself. However, if someone has a vintage car which has a sentimental value then in such case you may decide to import the car.

There are number of steps that you need to follow for importing your own car which is not more than 15 years old and bought in USA. There are different rules if you want to import the car for some other purpose other than using for your own. Rules for motorcycles may be little different from cars. For vintage cars too, you need to fill up different forms. If you are buying any new car from USA and want to take it to Canada along with you then you must collect necessary papers and bills from the agency from where you are buying. You must find out from the relevant websites about various documentations that are needed by you.

You must buy right car to import from USA

Canada does not accept all kinds of cars that are available in the USA. There are certain restrictions, which you must be aware of before you buy the car from USA. You can try to get in touch with any Clearit customs broker who can be extremely helpful in guiding you in all matters related to preparing documentations and clearing from the customs too. However, for that you need to pay a good amount of service charges. In case you want to avoid this service charge, then you have to update yourself about all the necessary details regarding the procedures. Any mistake can put you into a lot of inconvenience in the Canada border.

You also need to obtain the proof of recall clearance in order to prove that your car is absolutely safe and its manufacturer has declared that there are no outstanding recalls. In order to obtain this clearance, you may take following route:

  • Get a letter from the car manufacturer’s head office. You may also pay certain amount to get this paper.
  • If you are buying any used car then the dealer must provide this information with a printed document
  • If the same is indicated on the manufacturer’s website then the same can be printed out
  • You must check your vehicle history thoroughly for used vehicles as certain discrepancy can put you in a lot of trouble.

Insurance and license plates

Remember that insuring any imported car in Canada can be much expensive as compared to insuring any car purchased from Canada. You have to carry your insurance paper throughout the process. There are few license plates available which are valid for both Canada as well as USA for a month.

US customs

Before you cross the US/Canada border you have to deal with US customs where you will need three business days after filing your paper. Therefore, you must contact them well in advance so that you can get your clearance in time. After clearing from US customs only you can drive to Canada custom office.

Canada customs

You need to submit following documents at Canada customs:

  • Original title and registration of car
  • All the bills related to sale with your name, Canada address, telephone numbers etc.
  • Insurance certificate
  • Recall clearance certificate

You also need to fill necessary form and submit to them. They will let you know how much you have to pay and after about a week they will mail you second form within a week.

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