People with Neck or Trunk Motor Limitation

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People with Neck or Trunk Motor Limitation

Comfort and the adoption of proper postures while sitting is essential, and particularly important when they have problems in the neck or trunk. In choosing the chair we must pay particular attention to the design of the backrest: it must be adjustable in height and inclination (assess systems such as “synchro mode” or “permanent contact”), in addition, you must have an excellent adjustable lumbar support, which is wide enough to cover much of the back, etc. The headrests and armrests are other elements that must also be considered in some cases. Finally, it must support a mobility van for traveling.

Characteristics of a Suitable Chair

Eliminate Forced Neck and Trunk Postures

Facilitate the adaptation of the working height. To avert the forced neck and trunk postures, it is essential that the working plane height is adequate. This can be attained via proper regulation of the work plane. For example, tables with height adjustment, harmonization of the table chair relationship (modification of the chair plus footrest), etc.

Avoid leaning forward positions without support on the seats back. The depth of the seat should ensure the user supports his back on the backrest without feeling pressure in the knees. Sometimes it isn’t possible because the position is too deep concerning the user. If the user can not rest his back on the back without feeling pressure in the back, a shallower seat should be provided.

Avoid Static Postures of the Neck or Trunk

Static positions are even more harmful than forced locations that are performed occasionally. It is therefore essential to arbitrate measures that allow the variation of postures, such as: alternating seated and standing work, schedule frequent changes of poses, reorganize tasks in shorter cycles, provide adequate breaks and breaks, etc.

Improve the Performance of Activities

Facilitate reading and writing. Handwriting can be made possible by providing a slanted writing board, which favors that the writing surface is at the height and in the correct position concerning the person writing. The inclined plane can be placed on a table. In document reading tasks, the posture adopted by the neck can be improved by the use of a desk.

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