How the Car Brakes Are Getting Upgraded for Better Performance

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How the Car Brakes Are Getting Upgraded for Better Performance

Car brakes are one of the important components of a car and therefore a good performance of the brakes while driving is necessary for the safety of the car and the passengers during any emergency situations. Therefore, while number of improvements are done on the engine of the car to increase its speed, it is also important that brake power also should get an equal amount of attention.

Improvement in brake performance depends upon a number of things like

  • Brake pad material
  • Larger ventilation in the rotors
  • Steel braided lines on brake
  • Larger callipers along with increased pistons

The real performance of the brake however will depend upon the number of pistons and the brake pad materials as they have the maximum contribution to stop any running wheel of a car. However, the manufacturers of such brakes like performance brakes also have certain budget restrictions and they also have to be competitive in the market.

Now there are different considerations are to be made based on the purpose for which the car is going to be used. The brake design for any racing car will surely not be the same as any other passenger car that will be driven by common people like you and me. Therefore, depending upon the usage of the car the OEM need to factor in the type of brake material, heating of the braking parts and endurance of the various other parts. In addition to that the manufacturers also follow necessary compliances issues and therefore certain upgrades of brake may not suit to all kinds of vehicles.   

As far as brake disc is concerned a number of different materials can be used like –

  • Castor iron
  • Kevlar
  • Silica

However, you must understand more fancy material to improve the various performances of the brake system that you choose, the cost factor will also equally be affected. Also, certain material may not be safe for such application too.

Therefore, before we consider about any upgradation of the brakes there are few fundamental issues that need to be addressed. The way the brake system is serviced plays an important role in the performance of any kind of upgradations of the brake system. While doing maintenance, it is important to see that the brake fluids that are used in the brake is not leaking. Also, it is important that right kind of brake fluid is chosen based on the upgradation and they are regularly changed and refilled too.

You also have to consider about the performance of brake discs too. Most of the people consider drilled brake discs can give better performance with brake upgradation as compared to any other brakes available in the market. Following are few advantages of drilled brake discs:

  • Added holes will help in heat dissipation and it will cool the disc due to more flow of air
  • The hole edges ensure clean surface of pads and therefore will provide increased bite while braking
  • No gas or water will remain present between pad and disc surface and performance during wet weather will not be affected.
  • Due to hole, the weight of the disk will reduce and thereby the inertia and un-sprung weight will also be reduced.

Similar advantages can be obtained with cross slotted and drilled discs. However, it is ultimately the budget that will decide which upgradation will be chosen by the manufacturer.

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