Discuss on These Aspects before Renting Wedding Cars Birmingham

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Discuss on These Aspects before Renting Wedding Cars Birmingham

Although a wedding is a special occasion, it can still be nerve-wracking due to all the necessary arrangements that you have to make. Choosing a wedding car can be even more overwhelming since there are a plethora of models out there. So, it’s essential that you obtain the right knowledge before renting wedding cars Birmingham.

What are the factors to consider before renting wedding cars?

  • Timing

Firstly, you must be sure about the exact time for when you need the vehicle. For instance, if your wedding venue will be surrounded by church apostles, you may be allowed to reach the venue only at a certain time and not earlier. Moreover, you may like to arrange a photo session with your fiancé, for which you will need to reach the venue much earlier. Thus, discuss all these matters when opting for a wedding car hire Birmingham to stay assured that you’ll have the car available whenever you need it.

  • Theme

Discuss with your agency on the theme of your wedding so that your car matches with the vibe of your ceremony perfectly. For example, you can ask for vintage car models from the rental service if your wedding is on a traditional theme. Further, specialist services will also be able to decorate your car with ribbons and flowers of the appropriate colour scheme to match your wedding theme.

  • Additional services

Clarify whether your chosen car comes with a chauffeur service. It is crucial as it will help you to avoid the stress of looking for drivers separately. Also, the driver should dress up for the occasion and must display professionalism in his/her mannerism. So, it’s best to opt for the package with a chauffeur service when renting wedding cars Birmingham.

  • Size and form factor

When choosing a wedding car, it is vital to factor in the size of the bridal party. For instance, with four bridesmaids, you’ll have to rent cars like limousines that have spacious interiors. Also, if your wedding venue is at a considerable distance, then you may want a saloon style vehicle with provisions like racks and shelves to hold items like jewellery like cosmetics for any last minute touch-ups.

Another important factor when going for a wedding car hire Birmingham is your budget. Needless to say, with increasing space, amenities and comfort features, the rental cost will increase. Additionally, the price also varies with the models depending on their demand.

Here the types of cars which are more popular for weddings, according to a study –          

  • Vintage cars – 36%
  • Limousine – 27%
  • Modern – 20%

Models like Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Flying Spur, and Jaguar XJ LWB are some examples of modern wedding cars Birmingham. Beauford Tourer, Daimler DB18 Saloon, and Dialmer Limousine are a few examples of vintage cars that exhibit a traditional look and vibe. When choosing from Limos, Baby Bentley Wedding Limousine, Chrysler Limousine, H2 Hunter Limousine are some of the cars you can opt for.

The wedding car has a lot of significance on your wedding as it echoes your style statement. So, always seek professional renting services like FT Wedding Cars for wedding cars to choose a vehicle that makes the best impression.   

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