Auto Detailing Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Car’s Carpet And Upholstery

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Auto Detailing Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Car’s Carpet And Upholstery

Typically a car owner pays attention to their vehicle looks from the outside. People get their cars washed, wax, and polished regularly so that anyone who sees their car is impressed by its shine and gleam. While it’s commendable to maintain the car’s external appearance, its interiors also require some care and attention. In fact, it will benefit your car a great deal if you apply the same attention to detail when shopping for the best Mercedes Benz parts to caring for its upholstery and carpet.

For those who have never tried DIY interior detailing for their Mercedes Benz interiors, here are a few tips to guide you through the new and hopefully soon to be a regular task:

Tip 1: Use The Right Cleaning Equipment

The most basic interior cleaning equipment is the vacuum and the various chemical cleaning products. Using the vacuum is very simple and everyone knows how to do that. However, using the chemicals for cleaning can be a little tricky. Make sure to purchase and only use cleaning products that are made specifically for the type of upholstery your car is fitted with. Meaning, stick to leather cleaning agents for leather seats or you will risk damaging the upholstery.

Other cleaning equipment may include a clean wiping and polishing cloth, perfect for wiping on a sensitive surface without causing any scratches. Vacuum brushes and attachments will also be of help because they can clean hard to reach spaces without any trouble.

Tip 2: Start With The Seats And Work Your Way Down

To make the detailing process more efficient, always start the cleaning process from the seats and then make your way down to the floor mats and carpet. Cleaning the floor first may result in a do-over because it can dirty again when you move on to cleaning the seats. You can easily avoid the extra effort by starting strategically.

Tip 3: Clear Away All Debris

When you have finished cleaning and polishing the car’s upholstery and you are about to start vacuuming the floors do a quick debris check. Clear away coins, pieces of trash, and other small objects that can get stuck inside the vacuum. You don’t want your progress cut short just because a piece of debris gets stuck inside the most useful piece of cleaning equipment.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget The Windows And Mirrors

Shopping for high-quality Mercedes Benz parts such as the windows and mirrors means you are required to care for them. Most car owners only clean their windows from the outside, but tend to forget that cleaning the inside is just as important, the same goes for the mirrors found inside. Here are some pointers to remember the next time you are cleaning the internal windows and mirrors:

Always use a clean and soft cloth to avoid scratches

Spray on the cloth instead of the glass to reduce any streaking

Don’t forget the grime that builds up at the top of your window, a good wipe will clean it right away!

You don’t need any special skills to clean the interiors of your Mercedes Benz, just some extra time and practice. Before you know it, this will be a part of your car cleaning routine and every step becomes second nature.
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