All That You Need To Know About Car Window Tinting!

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All That You Need To Know About Car Window Tinting!

Vehicles with countless modern features have become a primordial requirement for contemporary urbanites. And, car maintenance is another factor for every car owner.  Controlling the amount of heat and radiation from the environment from entering the car’s interior is a primary requirement in car maintenance. This is where window tinting process surfaces to play a crucial role.

How is window tinting done?

In this process, a transparent film or sheet of film is attached to the interior part of the car’s window. Some people do this to make their cars look cool and stylish. The material thickness of the film may vary as per the restrictions from different states. However, due to safety reasons, the darkness of the front windows is subject to various regulations as against the darkness of the back windows.

Benefits of window tinting

  1. Prevention of damage and fading of the car interior due to UV ray exposure.
  2. Keeps the car interior cool and comfortable.
  3. Reduction of glare from headlights of other cars.
  4. Improving security and privacy within the car.

Tinting is available in varying types in the market and some cars come with tinted windows when you buy them and this is also a popular aftermarket option for many.

What type of film is used for tinting?

Tinting films can be easily purchased in pre-cut rolls from automotive parts supply stores. The tinting comes with one side adhesive that’s posted on the car’s window. The lower the film number, the darker is the tint. This type of tinting is better capable of preventing light passage through the windows.

The films used for tinting are primarily metalized so that they convert solar rays into infrared radiations. You might as well opt for ceramic window films that are better in preventing hearing transfers and have improved UV rays blocking capacity.

OEM tinting is another option where tinting is applied while the glass is being manufactured. Coated window tint option is another one where the spray is applied to the windows specifically by professionals.

The leading companies like Tech Teinte have decades of experience in this field and offer the best quality films for their clients. They guarantee that their films don’t get damaged or they don’t peel off. On the whole, they ensure the longevity of the product for the best price.

Other than offering car window tinting services, these companies offer products and services like Proshield protective film designed for hoods including mag wheels, remote starters and a wide range of car accessories.

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