5 Reasons to Trust the Genesis Brand

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5 Reasons to Trust the Genesis Brand

Car enthusiasts across the globe through ages have been observed more to be in love with a few particular brands and won’t look for any other when they go for one. Genesis from Hyundai is one such sub-brand that has earned the trust of people since when it has released its first batch of vehicles on road. If you look for reasons, there are plenty, but we have condensed them into the following five:

  1. Looks and Assured Quality

Genesis as brand gets its first attention from the onlookers because of its stunning looks that mingles elegance with an athletic tone. The New Jersey Genesis dealer experts say, that the focus of Genesis designs is entirely on representing the strength and spirit that the vehicle is made up of, and the breathtaking beauty of each Genesis vehicle is a wonderful manifestation of its masterful control. The looks can’t take all the credit on itself unless the quality gives its support that promises to last throughout the life span of its ownership.

  1. Safety

To gain the trust of its consumers, Genesis assured them of the safety it provides with the strength of high-quality steel and the array of intelligent safety technology features that don’t leave much scope of errors to risk the lives travelling inside a Genesis. The proof of it is transparent in the results of the IIHS tests on the basic and essential criteria of how well a vehicle can protect its occupants by preventing a probable crash or curbing down its impact. All the Genesis models like G80, G80 Sport and G90 are proud to excel in the tests, qualifying for topping the IIHS Top Safety Pick.

  1. Refined Performance

A vehicle becomes a pet of the owner because of its performance abilities on the road. As long as the drives would be bother-free, the vehicle would continue to earn the trust of its owner. Genesis believes in this simple logic and thus gives all its vehicles the power and freedom of dynamic performance keeping comfort at its peak. Each Genesis displays a perfect balance of refinement and athletic strength when it rolls on the surfaces, be it paved or unpaved, in extreme climatic conditions.

  1. Precision Handling

The most essential luxury that every Genesis flawlessly provides is the peace of mind while sitting behind the wheels. The responsive engine, the automatic transmissions at various speeds, the gearbox and the shift paddles, all listen to your commands without any grumble, while every Genesis model stays stable even at high speeds on rougher stretches.

  1. Convenience

As gathered from the New Jersey Genesis dealer, Genesis as a brand creates an ambience of convenience both inside and outside of a Genesis vehicle by providing their consumers the advantages of the following services:

  • Genesis Connected Services
  • Genesis Service Valet
  • Multimedia & Navigation Updates
  • Complimentary Maintenance
  • SiriusXM Audio, Traffic & Data
  • 24/7 Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Every Genesis consumer is entitled to receive a worry-free ownership that counts a complimentary scheduled maintenance for 3 years from the date of signing the ownership or 36,000 miles; whichever comes first, a complimentary service of oil changes done in every appointment for its scheduled maintenance.

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